Our Services

The business done through offline mode has moved from its state of existence to online, a decade back. The commercial activities by internet mode are called e-commerce and we help you in developing and managing a safe and secure e-commerce payment system to suit your needs. We can utilize the University’s credit card gateway, any of the mobile wallets and/or any other alternative payment options such as email invoices.

E Commerce

We provide safe and secure connections so that the customers can make instantaneous payment with no worries about privacy or security, as the payment gateways we provide are secure and trustworthy, thereby enabling you to make secure payments.

Our model for operation through e-commerce is cost reduction and revenue optimization. We shall make all endeavours to make your online business a reality. Day-after-day more customers are buying online, so ease yourself with our services and gain a competitive edge over your pioneers. The benefit of running your business online helps you in revenue optimization and client satisfaction. With our service we will help you establish a fully functional online shopping experience for your customers.